Dr. Raj Kanna is a consultant Orthopaedic and Knee surgeon, who have made a mark in the field of Orthopedics with his success stories.

Written Testimonial

Lenin Prabhu

I met with an accident on Nov 8, 2017. My bone got smashed into 4 pieces heavily. I thought i wont reappear by walk, but with his auspicious treatment i just got completely cured in 2 months and i am on running on my leg now. He has returned back my normal life. Congrats and well done Sir.

Kester Peterson

We flew from Goa to meet Dr Raj regarding my ankle fracture in the month of November 2017. A Titanium plate with six screws was inserted in my left Fibula .Right from our first contact till the after care we found the experience excellent, since Dr Raj Kanna is patient, focused and interactive. When one calls him on his mobile, if he is busy he always makes it a point to ring them back. This is what a patient looks forward in a surgeon. It makes them both physically and mentally happy to meet a doctor of his calibre.

Hari Krishna

After much analysis and due diligence across doctors in Chennai we chose dr.raj kanna for my aunts knee replacement! She was not able to walk for the past 1 year and suffered lot of pain. Thanks to doctor, she is perfectly alright and normal with no pain at all. The reason being computerised knee replacement helps to get the best out of the surgery compared to other prominent ones!

Sindu Kalyan

My mother in law had her second knee replacement surgery and she is walking fine now,and Dr. Raj Kanna sir is very good at explaining the do's and don't s to the patient.

Saravanan K

I had meniscus tear on my right knee. Thanks to Dr. Rajkanna. He explained the exact details of the status of injury, procedure to be done and do's & don't s after surgery. He didn't demand much as fees. I am feeling good like before the occurrance of injury. I would recommend him for Ortho related problems.

Suji Boopathi

My grandma Mrs. Rathinam got operated with both the legs for knee replacement. This was done One leg after the another with a gap of about 1 year. The cure after the surgery was quick and her recovery was excellent - on both the circumstances!! We highly recommend Dr. Rajkanna for any ortho problems / injuries especially pertaining to Knees. All the best Dr. Rajkanna.

Shreekanth Murali

I had left Leg ACL. Dr RajKanna did Key hole surgery very efficiently and also explained the entire process of the surgery. Best part for a patient is to know what he is affected with, how it is going to be treated, healing process. This keeps patients mentally strong which is the most important factor for any successful treatment. Dr. Raj did splendid job of letting me know all the details of the entire process including post surgery protocol. I highly recommend Dr RajKanna for anyone who seeks treatment in right way while doctor being a friend, profession, well wisher and not money minded what we see most in these days. If you ever want to do something with Ortho then i would say just go with Dr. RajKanna and rest will be best assured.

Jesu Rajan

He is the best doctor i have ever seen. He takes care of patients like his mom, dad, sister, brother,... Very good in explaining about the problems and how he will solve it. My mom was scared about the knee replacement surgery but after visiting him, she was immediately accepted for surgery and now she is perfectly already. We are very happy. After surgery he use to call my mom and check her health. He is an amazing doctor. I definitely refer my friends.

SPK Raja

I had an ACL reconstruction which was operated by Dr.Raj I am most comfortable and satisfied with his treatment. It's been 2 months now and never thought I can recover this soon , with his after operation protocol I am recovering very fast. I recommend him for anyone.