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what is computer assisted knee replacement surgery

What is Computer Assisted Knee replacement Surgery?

Posted On 20/12/18

In knee replacement surgery the positioning of the new joint parts must be accurate. In computer-assisted surgery, the computer helps the surgeon in achieving this.

How does Computer help in proper positioning of New Joint parts?

The surgeon attaches special reflectors to the patient's thigh and leg bones that are detected by an infrared camera connected to the computer. The computer then constructs an electronic model of the knee from the information fed by the surgeon. This helps the surgeon for proper positioning of the parts.

Is proper positioning of the new joint crucial?

Yes, it is. An incorrect position can lead to early wear & loosening of the replaced new joint.

What is the next major importance of computer?

The correction of knee deformity is as important as that of join position in knee replacement. The computer helps the surgeon in getting the desired correction in each and every case.


What are the other benefits of the computer?

  • Knee arthritis with complex deformities can be tackled appropriately using the computer where conventional techniques may be inadequate.
  • In the obese patient where knee deformity is difficult to assess, computer improves accuracy and avoids errors.
  • More useful in Asian patients with deformed bones.
  • Less blood loss, Less Cardio-Pulmonary strain
  • Early functional recovery & Short hospital stay
  • Better function of the joint
  • Longer survival of the replaced joint

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