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Graft Selection Method in PCL Reconstruction

Posted On 6/12/17

At the back of the knee, the Posterior cruciate ligament is located. It is one of the ligaments which connect the thing bone to the shin bone. The PCL keeps the shinbone from moving backward. It is the strongest knee ligaments. The PCL injuries are not as common as other knee ligament injuries. It takes much time for evaluation. When PCL injury is left untreated, it can lead to the early formation of arthritis in the knee joint.


The surgery takes place when the PCL is completely torn and the swelling and is completely subsided and makes the knee to move.

PCL is replaced with a new ligament by “a grafting method” generally from the hamstring.

Though there are many treatment methods for PCL reconstruction, Dr. Kanna’s Knee & Ortho Clinic provides the advanced care of knee joint without opening for treating PCL tears.

PCL Reconstruction includes different types of graft selection methods such as

Autograft: Tissues are taken from the patient’s own body. Generally, hamstring and quadriceps tendons are taken in Autograft. However, it depends on the patient’s physical condition and injuries

Allograft: Graft is used from a donor used for PCL reconstruction. Typically, Tendo-Achilles with its bony enclosure is used as a graft. Allograft is generally preferred when the ligament injuries are combined or when there is no option. Introducing a knee arthroscopy, the old PCL is removed. Then, the tunnels are drilled in both tibia and femur to allow the graft to be passed through the knee. An additional incision is usually made toward the knee back to protect the artery.

What are the types of grades of PCL tears?

  • Grade I: The PCL has partially torn
  • Grade II: The ligament is torn partially and loosen than Grade I
  • Grade III: The PC ligament totally tears and the knee becomes unstable

What will be the symptoms I look for in PCL tears?

  • Pain with swelling and may cause a person to limp
  • Difficulty in walking

What are the initial treatments of PCL?

  • RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression and elevation
  • Medications
  • Physiotherapy

Common causes of PCL tear are:

Hitting on any vehicle dashboard with a bent knee, falling with a bent knee

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