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Partial Knee Replacement

Anatomy of your Knee

The knee joint is a compound joint with three small functional compartments:

  • Outer or Lateral compartment, which is on the outside of the knee.
  • Inner or Medial compartment, which is inside of the knee.
  • Kneecap or Patella compartment, which is on the front of the femur.
The three compartments of the knee joint.

What is Partial Knee Replacement?

Partial knee replacement, which is also called the Uni-Compartmental replacement, is a surgical procedure performed to replace only the damaged or diseased or worn-out compartment of the knee and not the whole knee joint. In this procedure only the damaged inner compartment is replaced, preserving the outer and kneecap compartment. By doing this the normal parts of the knee joint are untouched, which helps is early recovery and better knee kinematics and function. We are one amongst very few centers globally to do Computer Assisted Partial Knee Replacement surgery.

Inner Compartment arthritis
Inner Compartment Replacement
First centre in India to do Computer Assisted Partial Knee Replacement surgery

What is Patello-Femoral (Kneecap) Replacement?

The Patello-Femoral or the kneecap Replacement is done when the wear and tear is limited to the knee cap compartment. Such isolated knee cap arthritis can occur after a previous fracture of the knee cap or a developmental abnormality involving the knee cap.

Knee Cap Arthritis
Knee Cap Replacement

Advantages of Partial Knee Replacement

The partial knee replacement has quite a number of advantages when compared to complete replacement of the knee joint. The advantages arise from the fact that only a single compartment of the knee joint is replaced, keeping the rest of the knee intact. They are:

  • Normal tissue of the knee joint is preserved.
  • Kinematics or the motion of the knee is maintained.
  • Better Functioning of the knee.
  • Fast recovery after surgery.
  • Minimal incisions are used to perform this surgery leaving behind a tiny scar
  • Lesser pain is experienced after surgery when compared to complete knee replacement.
  • Blood loss is reduced.
  • Cost-effective

International Publications and Journals

Dr. Raj Kanna has published a number of papers in International Medical journals on Partial Knee Replacement that include:

  • Modular Bicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty: Indications, technique, prosthetic design, and results. Accepted in Acta Orthopaedica Belgica.
  • Patello-Femoral Arthroplasty in a bilateral Syme’s Amputee – a case report. J Clin Orthop Trauma. 2016 Jan-Mar; 7(1): 40-4
  • Post-Operative Limb Alignment And its Determinants after Minimally Invasive Oxford Medial Unicompartmental Knee. Journal of Arthroplasty Sep 2011, 26(6); 919-25.
  • Dr. Kanna has also coauthored a chapter titled Uni-Compartmental Knee Arthroplasty for the second edition of the book titled Textbook of Orthopaedics and Trauma published by the Indian Orthopaedic Association.
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