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Dr. Raj Kanna is a consultant Orthopaedic and Knee surgeon, who have made a mark in the field of Orthopedics with his success stories.

Knee Replacement

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Dr Raj Kanna

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Keyhole Surgery

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What is Robotic Assisted Knee Replacement surgery?...

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure for replacing the damaged area of...

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery

The most effective treatment for the ACL tear is the ACL Reconstruction...

Keyhole Surgery

Key-hole surgery of the knee or Knee Arthroscopy is a surgical technique that is used to look inside the knee ...

Partial Knee Replacement

Partial knee replacement, which is also called the Uni-Compartmental replacement, is a surgical procedure ...

Revision Knee Replacement

A well done knee replacement surgery usually guarantees a life period of 20 - 25 years. But like any other part ...

Treatment of PCL Injury

PCL tears usually occur in different levels. The mild (Grade 1) level and moderate (Grade 2) level PCL...

Stem Cell Therapy

Knee Stem Cell Therapy is a relatively newer alternative method for knee joint pain treatment.

Conditions Treated


Knee Arthritis

The term ‘Arthritis’ is pretty familiar to most of us, yet a very few understand the disease.Although arthritis is seen in both genders, women are more commonly more


Anterior Crucial Ligament Tear

The knee is a complex joint between the femur (thigh bone) and the tibia (shin bone). The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is placed centrally within the knee joint.. read more


Meniscus Tear

Menisci are horseshoe shaped soft cushion like structures (like the half doughnut) present in the knee joint. Each knee has two menisci, one in the inner.. read more


Patella Instability

The patella lies at the end of the thigh bone, placed in a groove in the front side of the knee. The patella moves up and down the groove as the knee more


Posterior Cruciate Ligament Tear

Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) is a thick structure which is present in the backside of the knee connecting the thighbone to the shinbone, there by stabilizing the more


Medical Collateral Ligament Tear

Medial Collateral Ligament or MCL is a band of tissues on the inner aspect of the knee. It runs from the thighbone to about six cms below the knee joint.. read more


Lateral Collateral Ligament Tear

Lateral Collateral Ligament (LCL) is one of the major ligaments of the knee joint. It is present on the outer aspect of the knee and connects the thighbone or to the leg more


Failed Knee surgeries

A knee replacement surgery usually guarantees a life period of 20 - 25 years. But like any other part, it will undergo wear and tear during this period.. read more

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