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Computer Assisted Knee Replacement

What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure for replacing the damaged area of the knee joint. A component of metal and plastic is used to replace the damaged area of the knee joint. Through this Knee Replacement Surgery, the patient can relieve pain and disability.

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement

A computer is utilized to achieve the desired accuracy during a knee replacement surgery.

Computer Assisted Knee Replacement

How does Knee Replacement work?

The crucial part of the knee replacement surgery is the proper positioning of the components of the new joint. The surgeon is assisted by the computer to position the components of the new joint accurately, thereby bringing this type of surgery the name “computer-assisted surgery”.

Similar to an autopilot which assists the pilots or a GPRS that aids the driver to reach their destination easily and safely, computer helps the surgeon to achieve the desired accuracy during knee replacement

Doctor registers the patient knee anatomy to the computer
Infra-red camera transfers the patient’s data to the computer.

The surgeon attaches special reflectors to patient’s thigh and leg bones that are detected by an infrared camera connected to the computer. The computer subsequently constructs an electronic model of the knee based on the information fed by the surgeon. The computer can then guide the surgeon in achieving proper positioning of the implants.

Is proper positioning of implants crucial?

The ensuring of the proper positioning of the components of the new knee is crucial because an incorrectly positioned component can lead to early wear and tear and also loosening (failure) of the joint. So, by using the computer, surgeon positions the new joint accurately, in turn, helps the new knee to get a better function and also ensure longevity.

The 10 Advantages of Computer Assisted Knee Replacement

Computer assisted surgery has brought lots of advantages in the field of knee replacement. Some of them are:

  • 1. Accurate Limb & Component Alignment for durable joints
  • 2. Precise Ligament Balancing for Better knee function
  • 3. Fast recovery with short hospital stay
  • 4. Less blood loss
  • 5. Less strain to heart & lungs
  • 6. More useful in Asian Patients who have bowed long bones.
  • 7. Delivers accurate results even in obese patients unlike conventional surgery.
  • 8. Only system available up to date to balance the ligaments accurately.
  • 9. Navigation has reduced failure rates in knee replacement.
  • 10. More useful in fractured & deformed bones with or without previous metal implants.
Published data in TIMES comparing results of conventional and computer assisted knee replacement.

Painless Surgery

We follow the specialized protocol called Multimodal Analgesia in our surgeries. We had published this protocol in the American Journal of Arthroplasty in 2010.

As per the protocol, the patients are given pain-controlling medication around 12 to 24 hours prior to the surgery. This helps to prepare the central nervous system and closes the pain gate, thus allowing the brain not to feel any pain both during and after the surgery.

The combination of the medications are chosen diligently and rationally to minimize and avoid all side effects. Furthermore, the advent of Cryo (ice) therapy and Pain controlling pumps has revolutionized the pain management after similar major surgeries.

Deformed legs before surgery because of long standing arthritis and precise error free correction of deformities using computer navigation.

Quick Recovery

We perform routine walking of the patient within 24 hours after the surgery. Then, on the fourth day we progress from walking to climbing stairs and discharge the patient. The computer technology and the advanced multimodal pain management method have helped quicken the patient’s recovery process after the surgery. This has also led the patients to recover effortlessly from their knee replacement surgeries.

Imported Implants

We, at Dr. Raj Kanna’s clinic use only imported implants that are acknowledged and accepted internationally. They have also been time-tested and FDA approved with a phenomenal track record.

We use FDA approved Implants which are used internationally with excellent track record.

What is the Cost for knee Replacement Surgery in India?

We should realise that cost for knee replacement varies widely from country to country.

While knee replacement surgery is very expensive in countries like the USA & Australia, it is quite affordable and inexpensive in India because of the following reasons.

Firstly the India Central Government has put a capping on the price of the knee Implants and so the cost for the knee implants has been slashed down to 30 to 50 % of their original price. The price capping also applies to imported implants including those approved by the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Secondly the Hospitals expenses are very reasonable when compared to the quality of service they provide & Doctors charges are significantly less compared to that in other countries.

Thirdly, a very few like us use high end technology (Computer Assisted Knee Replacement) for managing knee arthritis. Yet we charge very reasonably so that it does not burden the patients in the end.

Lastly, the cost for supportive therapy such as Physiotherapy and the cost of medicines and consumables are significantly low in India without compromise in the product standards and the quality of service.

Because of the above reasons India has become the most desired destination for medical tourism especially for patients who don’t have health insurance support for various reasons.

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