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PRP for Knee Arthritis

Posted On 20/09/18

People of all ages love an energetic life. Nobody wants to sit at home all day staring at the ceiling. Everyone loves to travel, to go out, to hike ReadMore

Graft Selection Method in PCL Reconstruction

Posted On 6/12/17

At the back of the knee, the Posterior cruciate ligament is located. It is one of the ligaments which connect the thing bone to the shin bone. The ReadMore

Medical Camp Alert @ Kolkata: Knee Pain & Arthritis

Posted On 25/06/18

হ্যালো কোলকাতা
Hello kolkata.. !


An advanced Knee Replacement Surgery to enact you better

Posted On 16-5-2018

Knee replacement surgery is performed to repair the affected knee. The knee may be affected due to arthritis, aging, injury and the factors deterio ReadMore

Orthopaedic Specialist Dr. Raj Kanna Visiting Durgapur And Kolkata On April 8th & 9th

Posted On 02/04/18

Dr. Raj Kanna is a leading Orthopaedic surgeon from Chennai, Tamilnadu. He has made a mark in the field of Orthoped ReadMore

Miracle of Stem-Cell Therapy For Knee Pain at Chennai

Posted On 19/02/18

Application and use of Stem-cell therapy are to cure a disease or condition of knee pain. Bone Marrow Transplant is most extensively used for stem- ReadMore

Recover from Possible Complications in knee replacement surgery with the best Knee Surgeon

Posted On 31/12/17

The threat of impediment from a knee replacement can result from the issue during surgery or a faulty implant. A patie ReadMore

Keyhole surgery of the knee ACL injuries

Posted On 30/12/17

The knee is a very important joint in your body. If you tear the anterior cruciate liga ReadMore

Know More about ACL tear and How to prevent it

Posted On 06/12/17

Acl is the stabilizing ligaments of knee. ACL can be injured if the knee is bent backward, twisted, or bent side to side. This kind ReadMore

What is Computer Assisted Knee replacement Surgery?

Posted On 20/12/18

In knee replacement surgery the positioning of the new joint parts must be accurate. In computer-assisted surgery, the computer helps the surgeon i ReadMore

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