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Recover from Possible Complications in knee replacement surgery with the best Knee Surgeon

Posted On 31/12/17

The threat of impediment from a knee replacement can result from the issue during surgery or a faulty implant. A patient own health may increase or prevent many of the risks of surgery. Most complications are minor, but some of them are fatal and infection can be very serious.

Dr. Raj Kanna is one among the best known orthopedic and knee surgeon in Chennai who can manage and help you recover from the failed knee surgeries. He is an expert in the field and can perform knee replacement surgery using computer navigation technology. At his clinic: Dr. Kanna’s Knee & Ortho Clinic the treatments are performed with the most modern and advanced technology.

Possible Complications in knee replacement surgery

The possible knee replacement complications are the infection and fault implant design. The risk may depend on the general health of the patients and his age. Complication can also result from anesthesia or it can develop later from the faulty implant.

Knee implants loosening and faulty implant designs:

Loosening is one of the most common complication result from the faulty device. This happens when gears of an implant begin to separate from the bone, creating unsteadiness and pain in the joint. Loosing is natural over the time period but it usually does not occur for several years. In poorly designed devices, it occurs in less than a year or a year. Infection can also lead to implant loosening.

Complication from faulty implants includes:

  • Loosening or fracture of the device components
  • Joint instability and dislocation
  • Component misalignment and breakdown
  • Nerve damage
  • Bone fracture
  • Swelling and joint pain.

Infection after the knee implant:

Fortunately, the chances of having infected knee prosthesis are relatively very low. About 2 cases in a year have the painful infection according to the reports. These infections can be incredibly costly and difficult to treat also.

A disease like diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis can increase a patient’s risk of infection. Researchers also believe this may be due to how the conditions affect their immune system. It is easier for the microorganisms to affix to the device and infect surrounding tissue.

Measures to prevent infections:

  • Proper control of diabetes in diabetic patients, before surgery.
  • Use of disposable items, wherever possible
  • A well-equipped operation theater which has laminar flow with HEPA air filter
  • Use of Space suit to avoid the spread of infection
  • Use of antibiotics, as per the norms.

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