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Advanced knee replacement tamilnadu

An advanced Knee Replacement Surgery to enact you better

Posted On 16-5-2018

Knee replacement surgery is performed to repair the affected knee. The knee may be affected due to arthritis, aging, injury and the factors deteriorate knee function. In such cases, knee replacement surgery is being the best solution to alleviate the pain and other associated troubles. There are some types of knee replacement surgery called Computer-assisted knee replacement, Partial and revision knee replacement besides traditional knee replacement.


In computer-assisted knee replacement accuracy level is a key point. When a surgeon struggles in placing new prosthesis, this knee replacement helps him a lot. Computer-assisted knee replacement surgery is used to fix the new joint appropriately.

With the help of special reflectors attached to the leg and thigh bones, they are identified by the infrared camera attached to the computer. Acquiring information from the surgeon, an electronic knee model is constructed by the computer. The computer accurately guides the surgeon for proper fixing of the components. Since it is an advanced method, its advantages are many:

  • A meager blood loss
  • Quick recovery
  • Accurate fixing of a prosthesis
  • A useful method for deformed and fractured bones
  • No failure rates

In some cases, the whole knee may not be affected whereas some of the key components may be. Such cases are treated with Partial knee replacement. In this surgery, only the damaged area is replaced with a new prosthesis and the healthy cartilage, the bone will never be disturbed. Since the surgery consumes less time, the advantages will be:

  • Reduced blood loss
  • Economical
  • Improved knee function
  • Knee’s motion is maintained
  • Less invasive with faster recovery

When previously done knee replacement is not successful and hurting the patient, then Revision knee replacement in Chennai is recommended. Here, a new prosthesis replaces the old one and it makes the patient well to do all activities.

Dr. Kanna’s Knee & Ortho Clinic is the top hospital in providing the best knee replacement treatment. Dr. Raj Kanna is one of the few prominent surgeons in Asia who performs computer-assisted knee replacement surgery in Chennai using imported implants from USA (Depuy Johnson and Johnson) for all patients.


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