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Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Pain Chennai

Miracle of Stem-Cell Therapy For Knee Pain at Chennai

Posted On 19/02/18

Application and use of Stem-cell therapy are to cure a disease or condition of knee pain. Bone Marrow Transplant is most extensively used for stem-cell therapy but some therapies came from the umbilical cord as well. Unlike traditional method to cure knee pain, this modern approach of Stem-cell method to recover knee pain much beneficial and advantageous.


Stem-cell therapy is a process where doctors extract the unique type of cells from the rich-density zone where good quality cells are available in excessive numbers and inject them into the damaged portion to cure knee pain.

Stem Cells

The virtue of the Stem cells is unique because of their special characteristics. Quota and quantity of Stem cells can be expanded by dividing themselves and multiply with their numbers. Their function of stem-cell is depended on the placement or that which part of the human body they will be placed. They can transform themselves to suit the environment where they are placed. For instance, when stem cells are placed near a damaged cartilage, it can transform itself into a cartilage tissue.


Best treatment for Stem Cell at Chennai

Dr. Raj Kanna’s knee and ortho Clinic is a best orthopedic Clinic in Chennai. Dr. Raj Kanna is a consultant of Orthopaedic and Knee Surgeon providing treatment for arthritis and sports injuries of the knee joint. Dr. Kanna handles several types of cases related to the knee, for instance, “Attune Knee”, “Rotating Platform Knee” for high knee bending and durability based on patient’s requirements, the severity of arthritis and the knee function. There are so many successful case histories of patients proven his ability with the proper implant and embracing high-end technology and deliver tremendous and unmatched results with sole motive and objective to deliver the best treatment for knee pain to their patients.

Duration and procedure of stem-cell treatment:-

The duration of the treatment is a single day and some cases require more than one day depends on the severity or sometimes patients prefer a series of injections over a period instead of a single day treatment.

Firstly doctors take a sample of small bone-marrow from the back of the hip through a needle with the help of anesthesia, then transplant stem cells in the affected area of the body. Afterwards, doctors re-inject the stem cells and natural growth factors from the patient’s blood platelets to the damaged area.


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